OWNERS Tracy and Vicki Nickl are Pastry Chefs of the Southern Highlands, utilizing the finest of ingredients combing tradition and pride to craft exquisite pastries, deserts and pies with no compromise on quality, striving tirelessly to provide you with perfection every time.

The Gumnut Patisserie is unlike any other within our Industry. We produce large quantities of exquisite traditional pastries daily, all of which are rapidly sold within our hectic, electric atmosphere. Our clients are willing to queue for a share of our wares, content in the knowledge that any product purchased will exceed their expectations should their favourite pastry have been snapped up by an earlier riser.

Locals rise early on weekends to avoid the impending battle for Gumnut Pastries. As the word spreads we attract more and more tourists into our stores. A first timer visiting our Patisserie on a weekend afternoon, would wonder what the hype was all about, as the shelves and display cases would appear depleted, unaware of the battle missed, some hours before. Their choices may be limited but satisfaction is still guaranteed.

We believe that to raise the Industries profile is to pass on the knowledge of producing a good quality traditional pastry, through training apprentices. We are mindful of the expansion demands placed upon our ever-growing business. By curbing and containing this growth within manageable boundaries, without compromising our apprentice training regime, is the balance we try to achieve.
It is very satisfying to take a batch of kids and turn them into highly skilled trades people who are:


Owners Tracy and Vicki Nickl